Rivers '76, the Third Annual Symposium on Inland Waterways for Navigation, Flood Control and Water Diversions, will be held at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, on August 10–12, 1976, under the joint sponsorship of the National Science Foundation, Colorado State University, and the Waterways, Harbors and Coastal Engineering Division of the American Society of Civil Engineers. The symposium will provide a forum for the discussion of man's utilization of rivers and will cover engineering, economic, legal, and environmental aspects of this topic.

Papers will investigate the full range of problems, solutions, and research needs in single- and multi-purpose river developments. Some of the problem areas of navigation, flood control, and water diversions which papers will cover include systems and economic analysis, erosion and sedimentation, flow regulation, channel stability and improvement, hydraulics of flood flows, structural and nonstructural control, channel response, flood routing, diversion and intake structures, and water resources development.