A conference on Finite Elements in Water Resources will be held July 12–16, 1976, at Princeton University. Although much work has been done in this field in the past by independent research groups, this will be the first scientific meeting to focus on the topic.

Papers are invited in subsurface flow simulation (seepage, transport problems, well hydraulics, multiphase flow, aquifer simulation, and geothermal reservoir analysis), surface flow simulation (estuary and lake modeling, ocean dynamics, and river and channel flow), hydrodynamics, atmospheric simulation, and basic finite element techniques. Additional shorter papers will be given. The organizing committee, C. A. Brebbia (Southampton University, United Kingdom), J. J. Connor (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), and W. G. Gray and G. F. Pinder (Princeton University), are accepting 500-word abstracts from prospective authors until January 15, 1976. For further information write Water Resources Program, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey 08540.