Symposium on Antarctic geology and geophysics


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The National Academy of Sciences will host the Third Symposium on Antarctic Geology and Geophysics on August 22–27, 1977, at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. This symposium, sponsored by the Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR), the International Union of Geological Sciences, and the Inter-Union Commission of Geodynamics and organized by the National Research Council through its Polar Research Board, U.S. National Committee for SCAR, will cover a broad range of recent work in Antarctic geology and geophysics. Included among the subjects to be discussed are charnockites and enderbites, Phanerozoic orogens and tectonics, Paleozoic and Mesozoic paleogeography, paleontology, Cenozoic history, volcanism, radiometric dating, the Scotia arc, and reconstructions of Gondwanaland.

If symposium participants express sufficient interest, several field trips will be offered, such as a five-day trip preceding the symposium to study the Precambrian and Quaternary geology of the Lake Superior region in Wisconsin and Michigan, a one-day trip following the symposium to study the classical Precambrian and Paleozoic geology of the Baraboo Range, and short trips to nearby points of interest for spouses during the symposium week.