Resmac: The New Mexican array



A new seismic array is currently being installed throughout Mexico. Resmac, which stands for Red Sismica Mexicana de Apertura Continental, or Mexican continental aperture seismic array, will use a nationwide microwave communication network as a vital element in a modern, all-digital, integrated system of seismic data acquisition and processing.

The Mexican microwave network spans the country from Tijuana to Cozumel and from coast to coast: hence it is called a ‘continental aperture array.’ Eventual cooperative projects now under the consideration of the Central American nations make a southward extension to Panama a possibility. At present, however, the Resmac project is sponsored exclusively by five agencies of the Mexican federal government, there being no financial or technical contribution from outside sources. The executive agency is the National University of Mexico, which is in close cooperation with the Department of Communications and Transportation of the federal government.