Symposium on radiation in the atmosphere


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The regular international symposium on Radiation in the Atmosphere with special emphasis on structure and radiation properties of aerosols and clouds including remote sensing and satellite measurements, jointly organized by the Radiation Commission and the Commission on Atmospheric Chemistry and Global Pollution of IAMAP (International Association of Atmospheric Physics), will be held in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, West Germany, August 19–28, 1976.

Invited review papers and contributed papers will treat the following topics: (1) physical and chemical properties of aerosols and clouds (e.g., concentration, size distribution, refractive index, etc.), (2) radiative properties of aerosols, clouds, and gases (including recent spectroscopic results), (3) radiative transfer in clear and cloudy atmospheres and in oceans, (4) global pollution as related to radiation budget effects on climate and climatic variations, (5) remote sensing of atmospheric and surface parameters by radiation techniques, i.e., results of Lidar and microwave measurements to determine atmospheric parameters and recent results of satellite observations (with emphasis on data retrieval techniques and analysis of data), (6) results of field radiation experiments (e.g., Caenex, Gate, etc.), and (7) problems of solar energy (solar constant, spectral distribution of solar energy including possible variations and depletion in the atmosphere).