Results of the 1975 membership contest


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An AGU sponsored contest to aquire new members ended on September 30, 1975, with the following winners. Edward A. Flinn sponsored the most candidates for membership, a total of eight, followed by Allen M. Hittelman with six; Leslie J. Pierre with two; and E. Alexander, Jr., E. Slade Barker, Celso Barrientos, Bernard Budiansky, Donald Casey, Clyde Conover, Ralph Green, J. Stephen Huebner, Dag Nummedal, Paul Plummer, William Prescott, James Sari, and David Wiggert with one new member each. Douglas Smith and Herbert Wang sponsored one new student member each.

AGU members participating in the contest are entitled to credit against dues and subscription charges at the rate of $2.00 for each new member sponsored (excluding college students). An additional $100.00 grand prize goes to Edward A. Flinn for sponsoring the most new members.