Symposium on meteorological observations from space


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A Symposium on Meteorological Observations From Space will be held in conjunction with 19th Plenary Meeting of the Committee on Space Research (Cospar) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and will be cosponsored by Cospar (ICSU), the International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics (IUGG/ICSU), the World Meteorological Organization, the Joint Organizing Committee for the Garp (Global Atmospheric Research Program) (ICSU/World Meteorological Organization), and the American Meteorological Society. The symposium will be concerned with the performance of space observing systems, the application of their data to meeting the requirements of the First Garp Global Experiment, now scheduled for 1978–1979, and some observations for the Garp Climate Dynamics Subprogram. Two complementary meetings, the IAMAP Ozone Commission Meeting and the IAMAP Radiation Symposium, will be held in August 1976.