Pacific Northwest regional meeting


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The twenty-second Pacific Northwest Regional Meeting of AGU was held at the Lake Wilderness Continuing Education Center of the University of Washington on October 9–10, 1975. Besides several contributed sessions, there were two special sessions on subjects of timely interest. The meeting stirred significant interest to attract over 150 registrants, the largest turnout for this region's annual meeting.

Of particular interest was a special session on the ‘Impact of Oil on Puget Sound,’ which succeeded in informing the attendees about other than geophysical aspects of a complex problem. The probable increase in tanker traffic on Puget Sound will have major impact on the region. A panel made up of individuals from several organizations concerned with this problem represented a broad spectrum of views. The panel members were Dave Jamison (Washington State Department of Ecology), Robert Stakes (Marine Sciences Institute, University of Washington), Glen Ledbetter (Oceanographic Commission of Washington), and Eugene Collias (Department of Oceanography, University of Washington). Their expertise covered the impact of oil on the biological and hydrological systems of Puget Sound as well as the effects on the economic, social, and political institutions of the Puget Sound region.