Postdoctoral research associateships at Goddard Space Flight Center


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Research opportunities in physics, astronomy, and earth and planetary sciences at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center are being offered through a postdoctoral research associateship program conducted for NASA by the National Research Council. Awards will be made in research areas carried out by the laboratories for planetary atmospheres (including aeronomy and electrodynamic processes in the ionosphere and magnetosphere), extraterrestrial physics (including space plasma physics, planetary magnetic fields, and radio astronomy), and solar physics; the theoretical studies group; and the branches of geophysics (including geomagnetic field studies, seismology, and plate tectonics), geodynamics (including geodesy), earth resources, meteorology, upper atmosphere, and hydrology and oceanography. Each applicant is responsible for formulating a specific research plan on a problem of his choice related to the current research interests of the group in which he wishes to carry out his research.