Single crystals for geodynamics?


  • Anonymous


The U.S. Geodynamics Committee has established a working group to determine the research needs of the geophysical and geological community in obtaining high-quality (synthetic) single crystals of minerals likely to be found in the earth's lower crust and upper mantle for use in geodynamics-related experimentation.

One part of such an effort is to inquire whether it is essential to make measurements requiring large crystals of the order of 1 cm or whether measurements on powders and very small samples will be sufficient to determine the physical properties relevant to geodynamic problems. Another part of this effort is to ask whether there are enough people asking geodynamically interesting questions who need such large samples. What would be the quantity of crystals necessary? Potential users are invited to inform the Working Group on Crystal Growth for geodynamics of their needs. (Comments from anyone interested in the subject are welcome.) The following information is essential: (1) the structures and compositions of a few likely mantle minerals that should have the highest priority; (2) briefly, what measurements would be made and their relevance to geodynamic processes; and (3) the minimum size required.