NASA lunar research support


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NASA encourages and supports research in all aspects of lunar science. Its goal is to improve the scientific understanding of the origin, evolution, structure, and composition of the moon and of its relationships to the earth and the solar system.

NASA's broadly based lunar programs include experimental and theoretical research on lunar materials (samples and Surveyor parts), lunar data analysis and synthesis, using published or other generally available data, and support for research and technology designed to further the general goals of the other lunar programs such as theoretical studies, laboratory simulations, meteorite research, advanced experiment concepts, etc. NASA especially encourages well-qualified scientists not now in the lunar programs to participate if they have new ideas, techniques, or research capabilities. An announcement giving details on where and how to make a proposal may be obtained from Edward A. Flinn, Deputy Director, Lunar and Planetary Programs, NASA Headquarters, Code SL, Washington, D.C. 20546.