Committee on geodesy


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The National Academy of Sciences has established a Committee on Geodesy in the Office of Earth Sciences under the Assembly of Mathematical and Physical Sciences. The committee will review (1) the state of scientific and technological advances in modern geodesy and related fields to determine when technique and methodology transfer is practicable, (2) the planning for space-borne instrumentation pertinent to geodesy during the 1980's, (3) the need for geodetic control for the oceans, (4) the educational opportunities in geodesy and surveying, (5) the status of current work in plane surveying and mapping, and (6) the status of current work on traditional geodesy and will also provide for a Visiting Scientist in Geodesy Program.

The committee will be chaired by Jack E. Oliver, Chairman of the Department of Geological Sciences, Cornell University. Hyman Orlin has been appointed executive secretary. The committee, consisting of experts with appropriate backgrounds in geodesy and related fields, is as follows: