USRA moves


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The Universities Space Research Association (USRAJ has moved its headquarters from Charlottesville, Virginia, to Houston, Texas. This move follows the appointment of Alexander J. Dessler as the new President of USRA. The new executive director of USRA is David Cummings.

USRA is an international consortium of nearly 50 universities. It was formed in 1969 to facilitate interactions among the academic community, industry, and the federal government in cooperative research efforts in the areas associated with space sciences and technology. Under contracts from NASA, USRA operates the Lunar Science Institute in Houston and the Institute for Computer Applications in Science and Engineering at the NASA Langley Research Center. USRA also provides technical support and assistance to the Marshall Space Flight Center for its Space Processing Program and the Atmospheric Cloud Physics Laboratory. Recently, the longduration exposure facilityl university space experiments (LDEF/USE) were added. USRA will assist in the development of university-generated experiments to be flown on LDEF. The program office for this project will be located in Charlottesville, Virginia.