NASA solicits proposals for Jupiter mission


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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is soliciting proposals for scientific investigations of Jupiter. The overall scientific objectives of this mission are to conduct comprehensive investigations of the Jovian system by making in situ and remote measurements of the planet, its environment, and its satellites. Primary emphasis is on direct entry measurements and the characterization of the magnetosphere of the planet and its interaction with the satellites.

In the proposed mission a single launch in 1981/1982 would carry a spacecraft to Jupiter which would consist of an atmosphere entry probe and a long-lived orbiter. Individuals or groups of scientists who are interested in proposing specific investigations for this mission may obtain a copy of this announcement (AO OSS-3-76) by writing to M. A. Mitz, Chief, Advance Planning, Lunar and Planetary Programs Office, Code SL, NASA Headquarters, Washington, D.C. 20546. The announcement will indicate the specific scientific objectives and other details including how to submit a Letter of Intent to propose and obtain the Proposal Preparation Information package. Proposals for the probe investigations are due November 1, 1976, and for the orbiter investigations, December 1, 1976.