The IMS Satellite Situation Center



In a series of articles that has appeared in EOS, various aspects of the International Magnetospheric Study (IMS) have been described. J. G. Roederer, chairman of the IMS Steering Committee, has emphasized (see the January 1976 EOS, pp. 6–8) that the key element of the IMS is the coordination of the complex system of magnetospheric observations by means of satellites, rockets, balloons, and aircraft and use of ground-based facilities. R. H. Manka, U.S. IMS coordinator, has discussed (in the February 1976 EOS, pp. 63–67) the IMS program planned and being implemented in the United States. One of the major projects that the United States is undertaking jointly with Canada during the IMS is the establishment and operation of the North American magnetometer network. The use of digital magnetometers for the network and the modernized data handling system described in an article by L. J. Lanzerotti, R. D. Regan, M. Sugiura, and D. J. Williams (see the June 1976 EOS, pp. 442–449) will have a great impact on data analysis efforts.