Guide to field research funds


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The Center for Field Research is a private nonprofit organization that arranges financial support for research investigators whose projects can constructively use nonspecialists in the fields. While the center does not supply funds, it reviews and evaluates research proposals in a wide range of disciplines and assigns those accepted to other institutions that sponsor the research. The funds are raised from carefully selected nonspecialists who collectively finance the projects in return for the opportunity to work as assistants to research scholars in the field.

The center considers proposals for field research in any recognized academic discipline and invites scholars of all nationalities to apply. Postdoctoral research is favored, and preference is given to projects whose staffs include graduate students of the discipline. The sizes of grants are limited by the number of nonspecialists participating, since they are the source of funds. Depending on time and costs in the field, the per capita contribution of participating nonspecialists ranges from $200–$600, exclusive of transportation costs.