AGI Minority Scholarships


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The American Geological Institute will again offer scholarships for geoscience majors who are U.S. citizens and members of the following ethnic minority groups: American-born Blacks, American Indians, Mexican Americans, and Puerto Ricans. Approximately 40 such awards (ranging from $500 to $1250) were granted in 1976–1977. About the same number (and amounts) will be awarded in 1977–1978.

The term ‘geoscience’ is used broadly to include major study in the fields of geology, geochemistry, geophysics, hydrology, meteorology, oceanography, and space and planetary sciences. Monies for support and funding of this program are administered by the institute's Minority Participation Program Advisory Committee and have come from six member societies, more than 14 mining, petroleum, geological supply, and geophysical companies, and many individuals.