Physics and chemistry of silicate melts and magmas



Modeling physicochemical magmatic processes occurring within the earth's crust and mantle can provide valuable insight into the generation, evolution, and emplacement of igneous rocks. A fundamental prerequisite is a knowledge of the properties of silicate melts and magmas. However, properties such as diffusion, nucleation, crystal growth, viscosity, electrical conductivity, volatile component solubility, thermodynamics, and structure have been neglected in the past and are not well understood for most melts of geological interest. In order to discuss some of the most recent work in these areas a session was convened which would bring together geochemists, geophysicists, and material scientists currently working on experimental and theoretical aspects of silicate melts and magmas. The one-day session was held during the Annual Joint Meeting of the Geological and Mineralogical Associations of Canada, Edmonton, May 19—21, 1976.