President's page: A look ahead for GRL


  • A. F. Nagy


As the new editor of Geophysical Research Letters I am pleased to have this opportunity to review the achievements of the journal and to look ahead to its future.

Members of AGU should think of Geophysical Research Letters as the quick way to publish their exciting new ideas, techniques, and observations in a properly reviewed and well-respected journal. The majority of papers accepted appear in the journal within 90 days of receipt by the editor. Referees assure that the scientific content is of the high quality usually associated with AGU publications. Contributions from many nations and one of the highest circulations among journals devoted to geophysics testify to the respect that Geophysical Research Letters has achieved in its first 3 years. The success of this journal is due mainly to the enthusiasm and hard work of its first editor, Noel Hinners, his assistant editor, Frank Martin, and the AGU production staff. Noel Hinners, with the help of many hard-working reviewers, has established a high standard for the journal and has demonstrated that rapid review and author-produced copy can result in a significant decrease in both publication time and cost. All of us in the Union owe Noel and his co-workers a great deal of appreciation and thanks for a job well done.