OES solicits suggestions



The Office of Earth Sciences (OES) and its Advisory Board, Assembly of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, National Research Council, are anxious to have the assistance of earth scientists in assuring that their responsibilities are fully met. These responsibilities include continued awareness and active concern for the health of the earth sciences, identification of opportunities for the earth sciences in meeting national needs, and fostering of awareness of scientific advances that may help resolve national problems. Atmospheric, oceanographic, and solid earth scientists are invited to suggest activities at the national level to the office and its advisory board.

In making such suggestions, individual earth scientists have an opportunity to affect science and technology related to national problems. For example, at the suggestion of a leading earth scientist the Committee on Resources and Man was established by the National Academy of Sciences in 1967 and the committee's report entitled ‘Resources and Man’ was published in 1969. The report weighed critical resource constraints, considered the time scale within which our society would have to cope with them, and recommended steps to improve our capability to deal with them. This report was read by members of Congress, other government officials, and thousands of citizens. It undoubtedly had a major impact. More recently, a leading scientist suggested that geodesy as a discipline should be reviewed, with emphasis on the infusion of new technology and science into current conventional efforts in the field. A committee was established in 1975; it is currently reviewing this subject and will report its recommendations in the near future. This report will be read by government officials, scientists in the field, and the public.