New ASTM subcommittee organized


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American Society for Testing and Materials Committee D-18 on Soil and Rock for Engineering Purposes has organized a new Subcommittee D-18.14 on Soil and Rock Pollution. The new subcommittee held its first meeting in February in Bethesda, Maryland, during the winter meeting of Committee D-18.

The ASTM Subcommittee on Soil and Rock Pollution will develop standards for definitions, recommended practices, and test methods related to the processes by which the soil and rock interact with a wide variety of liquid wastes or leachates from solid wastes. Also to be considered will be pollution of land areas and surface water bodies as a result of erosion of soils or of solid wastes and the sampling and testing of solid wastes, many of which have soillike characteristics. Because the liquid wastes or leachates from solid wastes may percolate from some surface disposal source down through the unsaturated soil or rock and may be retained in that zone or may reach the water table and pollute the groundwater as well, the activities of Subcommittee D-19 on Water and of the new D-18 Subcommittee on Soil and Rock Pollution will be closely coordinated. To achieve this coordination, Adrian Pelzner (U.S. Forest Service, Washington, D.C.) has been designated as liaison from Committee D-18 to Committee D-19. Subcommittee D-18.14 also will coordinate their activities closely with other D-18 subcommittees, especially D-18.04 on Hydrologic Properties and D-18.06 on Physico-Chemical Properties.