New reviews associate editors


  • J. W. Chamberlain


The editorial policy of Reviews is to maintain a reasonable balance of articles pertaining to all disciplines within AGU. Members of AGU who may be interested in writing a review article—whether it be a ‘topical review’ of a few pages on a subject of special current interest or a major overview that sorts, distills, and updates the status of a subject area—should write or talk to the editor or the appropriate associate editor. They can advise potential authors on whether similar projects are currently being undertaken.

Since the function of Reviews is rather different from that of JGR and WRR, the associate editors' main responsibilities lie in identifying areas of active interest where review articles are especially needed. In many cases they also solicit the articles from potential authors. Associate editors also recommend referees and, in the rare cases necessary, assist the editor in adjudicating disputes between referees and authors.