Awards Presented at the Spring Meeting: Thirty-ninth Presentation: William Bowie Medal to James Alfred van Allen for Outstanding Contributions to Fundamental Geophysics and for Unselfish Cooperation in Research


  • James A. Van Allen


In his nearly 4 decades of scientific research, James A.Van Allen has distinguished himself and his discipline by significant and unselfish contributions to the general field of geophysics. He is among the few individuals of whom it can truly be said that they were instrumental in the development of an entirely new field of scientific investigation, in this case the space sciences. He is a citizen, a scientist, a scholar, and a teacher whose responsible and dignified accomplishments are ones of which the AGU and the American people can be justifiably proud. What contemporaries and/or students of history will forget the pride felt with the successful launch of Explorer 1 and the classic 1958 photo of the triumphant trio of Von Braun, Pickering, and Van Allen holding aloft a replica of that spacecraft?