Awards Presented at the Spring Meeting: Second Presentation: Maurice Ewing Medal to Henry M. Stommel by the American Geophysical Union and the U.S. Navy for Profound and Imaginative Contributions to Physical and Dynamical Oceanography


  • Henry M. Stommel,

  • Carl Wunsch


The second recipient of the Maurice Ewing Medal of the American Geophysical Union is Henry M. Stommel. He was selected for his profound and imaginative contributions to physical and dynamical oceanography during the past generation. Probably the most truly creative physical oceanographer of his time, Stommel has made fundamental contributions to an astonishingly diverse range of problems, from microstructure and estuaries to the general circulation of the ocean. He has used almost all of the tools available to a physical scientist: theory, work at sea, and laboratory experiments. No other oceanographer has managed to combine the purely naturalist aspect of the field—geographical exploration at sea—with such revolutionary theoretical contributions.