Comment [on Review of “Composition and petrology of the Earth's mantle”]



I wish to draw your attention to an unfavorable review by B. Mysen of my book. Composition and Petrology of Vie Earth's Mantle, published in the March 1977 issue of EOS (pp. 133–187). It seems to me that the publication of this review raises some serious issues of principle.

The first concerns the objectivity of the reviewer. It is well known in petrological circles that during the last few years, Mysen has beén involved in an intense public disputation with myself and colleagues concerning the conditions under which andesitic magmas might or might not be formed by hydrous melting of peridotite in the mantle. In view of this record it is questionable whether Mysen should have accepted an invitation to review the book. It is just possible that he may have been unable to fulfill the responsibility of a reviewer to his readers to be objective. Whether or not this is so 1 leave for others to judge. I should point out, however, that Mysen's review presents a remarkable contrast to reviews of the book published in other journals. I have also been impressed by the number of U.S. colleagues who have approached me and volunteered their opinion that the review was unfair.