SEAN report


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The following geophysical and astronomical events were reported byte Scientific Event Alert Network (SEAN), Smithsonian Institution, NHB Stop 129, Washington, D.C. 20560.

Volcanic EventsAfter several months of quiescence, Mt. Etna (Italy) began to erupt during the early morning of July 16 from a new vent at 3200-m elevation, just north of the northeast crater. The new vent, containing a small lava lake, waste source of two lava flows, the larger of which moved east into the Valle del Leone and the smaller to the north. By July 18 the flows had reached about 2 km and 800 m in length, respectively. Shortly after the first lava effusion, Strombolian activity began from the new vent, rapidly increasing in frequency and power. Ejecta reached 600 m in height and covered an area about 1 km in diameter. The explosions had ended by July 20, and lava extrusion ceased July 23–24.