Water resource policy study


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Recommended reforms in water resource policy were due last month. The President directed the Water Resources Council (WRC), the Office of Management and Budget, and the Council on Environmental Quality to review existing water resources policy and recommend reforms. Secretary of the Interior Cecil D. Andrus, in his capacity as Chairman of the WRC, led the study effort in melding the Policy Committee's recommendations with public and congressional input.

The nine points considered in the six-month study were (1) revision of WRC principles and standards, (2) deauthorization of old water projects, (3) increased cost sharing by nonfederal entities, (4) reforms of law, regulations, and practices governing water allocation, (5) wise use of water, (6) quantification of Indian and federal reserved water rights, (7) evaluation of water quality with conventional water resources allocation and development, (8) improved dam safety, and (9) increased water conservation.