Do rapid uplifts precede large earthquakes?


  • Anonymous


Researchers at the Cooperativp Institute for Research in the Environmental Sciences (CIRES) report that three large earthquakes were preceded by substantial rapid uplifts that could be measured by tide gages reporting an apparent change in sea level. These uplifts all occurred at least 3 years before the devastating earthquakes and could thus have provided some waming of the coming disaster. Max Wyss. at CIRES, a joint institute of the University of Colorado and the National Oceanic and Atmospherie Administration, demonstrated that such measurable sea level changes occured before the quake that leveled Long Beaeh, California, in 1933, the 1970 Peru quake that killedd more than 70,000 people, and the two earthquake's that shattered Hyuganada, Japan. in 1961 and 1968, In all these cases. he notes, ‘it appears that the reported episodes of rapid uplift were preeursors to crustal earthquakes.’