Scientists and government


  • Dixy Lee Ray


I am here to extend you a warm welcome to our state and our community. I can think of no other circumstances in which an old marine biologist would be invited to address such a distinguished meeting of physical scientists. However, my real pleasure is in being able to represent all the citizens of our state and to say to you that we are delighted that when, for the first time in 14 years, you scheduled a major assembly in the United States, you chose the state of Washington, the city of Seattle, and the University of Washington as your meeting place.

I believe that your choice of Washington was especially appropriate for two associations that deal with studies of the earth and the atmosphere, because within the boundaries of our state we have a land of great interest and diversity. A volcanic mountain chain, a beautiful inland sea, a forest of the temperate zone unique on this continent, ice-carved valleys, and large rivers all contribute to a unique natural setting.