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Cocorp Rio Grande Rift data available


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The second phase of obtaining deep reflection data in the Rio Grande Rift area of New Mexico in the vicinity of Socorro, New Mexico, has been completed, and the data are available. A total of 128 km of lines were run, including an east-west line spanning the rift in the neighborhood of Bernardo, New Mexico. A 48-channel MDS-VIII recording system with data sampling at 8-ms intervals was used. Station intervals were 134 m, with 32 geophones per station arranged in-line with 70% overlap. A variable spatial distribution of the 32 equal sensitivity geophones was employed. The source array consisted of five vibrators operated in-line and spaced at 27-m intervals, moving through 16 stages at 8.9-m intervals at each station. The summed output of the 16 stages comprised a record, and 24-fold stacking resulted. The vibrator pilot signal was a 10- to 32-Hz linear upsweep of 25-s duration, and the recording duration was 50 s.