SEAN Report


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The following geophysical and meteoritic events were reported by the Scientific Event Alert Network (SEAN) , Smithsonian Institution, NHB Stop 129, Washington, D.C. 20560.

Volcanic Events

Two lava flows at Fuego (Guatemala), the first at this volcano since 1966, were initially seen from the air on February 9. The flows were extruded from two new 30-m-diameter vents near the summit crater, site of intermittent pyroclastic activity since September 11. Hot debris slides from the toes of the lava flows traveled more than 3 km down the southwest flank. On February 24 the rate of lava flow extrusion appeared to be increasing, and all three vents were observed in simultaneous activity. Lava fountaining was interspersed with dark ash explosions at the two new vents while a continuous stream of fine ash and gases was emitted from the summit crater.