President's Page: From Eos to Nyx


  • A. E. Maxwell


During the past two years, I have had the privilege of using this page to present my views on topics that I considered to be of interest and importance to AGU members. Response to these views has ranged from appreciation to scorn—seldom have they been ignored. The members of AGU are concerned about their society and the activities in which it chooses to engage. This concern testifies to the health of the Union.

Since this is my final opportunity as your president to write this page, rather than pontificate on yet another issue, I prefer to invoke my prerogative and divert this space for my personal use. I wish to take this occasion to express my gratitude to all those members who have participated actively in AGU affairs during my tenure. I refer not only to the Union and section officers but also to the staff, committee members, editors, special representatives, and those of you who have taken time to write or participate in other ways. For herein lies the true strength of our Union. I urge others to share in this rewarding activity, particularly the younger members, since it is you who have the greatest stake in the direction the Union takes. Small course corrections now will in the future prove to have been critical decision points, and you can influence these corrections.