Effects of urbanization and industrialization on the hydrological regime and on water quality



About 180 engineers and scientists from 27 countries attended the International Symposium on the Effects of Urbanization and Industrialization on the Hydrological Regime and on Water Quality. The symposium was held at Amsterdam, the Netherlands, October 2–7, 1977. The symposium was convened by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (Unesco) and organized by Unesco and the Netherlands National Committee for the International Hydrological Programme in cooperation with the International Association of Hydrological Sciences.

The 64 technical papers for the symposium covered three themes. The first theme dealt with the effects of urbanization and industrialization on the hydrological regime, the second concentrated on the effect of urbanization and industrialization on water quality, and the third centered on water policy as a factor in urbanization and industrialization. Each theme was broken into sessions comprising 4–8 papers. Each session was followed by a discussion period in which the speakers responded to questions raised by the audience. These questions and answers were recorded and presented to the technical secretary. The symposium focused within the framework of project 7 of the International Hydrological Programme and is related to the Workshop on Socioeconomic Aspects of Urban Hydrology held at Lund, Sweden, in November 1976. Following the symposium, the Workshop on the Impact of Urbanization and Industrialization on Regional and National Water Planning and Management was convened at the Netherlands, October 10–13, 1977. Participation in the workshop was by invitation only.