J . G. Roederer (June 1978 EOS , p. 533) claims that he is the only member of the AGU who has “geophysically meaningful” initials. Quite apart from the question as to whether JGR (the journal) is in fact geophysically meaningful, I must respectfully note that its former editor, G. C. Reid, certainly does fall into that elite class in view of the well-known acronym for galactic cosmic rays. Meaninglessly yours,

It is high time the pompous claims of J. G. Roederer regarding the uniqueness of his initials (June 1978 EOS , p. 533) ceased. A quick glance at the membership list reveals five, not one, JGR's in the AGU, only one of whom is J . G. Roederer. The other four are J . G. Ramsay, J . G. Richman, J . G. Robinson, and J . G. Rosenbaum. Although I am surprised at Roederer for not realizing that he is not unique, the Eos peer review process must shoulder much of the blame for allowing this error to be published.