RISP/RIGGS bypasses limits of man-made disciplines


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In AGU's continuing effort to encourage dialogue among seemingly distant disciplines, several general interest sessions are planned for each meeting. One such session at the 1978 Spring Meeting focused on the Ross Ice Shelf Project (RISP).

James H. Zumberge, Office of the President, Southern Methodist University, closed the interdisciplinary session with his observation that ‘the divisions of knowledge are our own creations, not nature's.’ Reports on the meteorology, geochemistry, marine geophysics, biology, and geologic history of the 500-m-deep ice shelf were included in this special half-day session. The sampling area, called J9, was 411 km from the open waters of the Ross Sea in Antarctica. The floating ice sheet is roughly the size of Texas. Beneath the sheet, where no light can penetrate, is a unique environment that the RISP was designed to explore.