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JGR Editor Tom Ahrens



The new editor of the Journal of Geophysical Research (Red, Solid Earth and Planets) is Thomas J . Ahrens of the Seismological Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology. Tom Ahrens is no stranger to JGR. He published his first paper in the journal in 1962 while he was a graduate student at Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute and since then has authored or coauthored 18 JGR papers. In his first research he measured elasticity under pressure using low-amplitude ultrasonic waves and in subsequent research has continued to investigate elasticity using mechanical waves with very large amplitudes. His first postdoctoral position was with Poulter Laboratory of Stanford Research Institute (SRI). Poulter Laboratory was investigating detonation phenomena, shock waves, and the dynamic response of materials and structures. In reflecting on his five postdoctoral years at SRI, Ahrens recently remarked that two memories stand out: coming home each night with TNT under his fingernails and being completely engrossed in using shock waves to study how rocks and minerals behave elastically under great pressure.