Computerized data bank


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The State of New Mexico is setting up a computerized information bank to store data on the quality of groundwater in New Mexico. The data will be available to all users and will be screened in a general way as to its accuracy and usefulness. The records will be stored by location and will include chemical, well construction, aquifer, and other data. Anyone who has obtained or knows of data that should be in this information bank, and who would like to assist in this effort, should contact either Environmental Improvement Division, Water Pollution Management and Evaluation Unit, P.O. Box 968, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87503 (phone: 505-827-5271, extension 239), or Lee Wilson & Associates, P.O. Box 931, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501 (phone: 505-988-3929). A short form will be provided which can be filled out in a few minutes; this form provides space in which to describe the general character of the data which are available.