A glimpse of atmospheric, space, and Earth physics in the People's Republic of China



By an arrangement between the Australian Academy of Science and the Academia Sinica I was privileged to visit Peking from March 1 to 8, 1978. I met a great number of upper atmosphere and space physicists in Peking including many who had come from the space science center at Tsien and the ionosphere group in Wu Han University. Although extremely able translators accompanied me, I found that many of the scientists understand and speak English. The visit has left a lasting impression on me not only from the impact of learning something of what is happening in solarterrestrial physics in China, and the fleeting impressionistic view of the society, but also by my exposure to Chinese customs and my great delight in Chinese hospitality. An interesting feature of each introduction to the various groups I met was the tea drinking in a usually beautifully appointed room (the one at the University of Peking being particularly memorable).