RISP/RIGGS symposium



I read with interest the report in the October 1978 issue of EOS on the RISP/RIGGS Symposium held as part of the annual Spring Meeting ofthe AGU in Miami last April. Unfortunately, despite the title, the report reviews only six papers on the RISP drilling projects at station J9 and omits all mention ofthe equal number of papers related specifically to RIGGS. This highly successful project has, after four seasons of field work, produced extensive information across nearly the entire ice shelf on velocities, strain rates, and thicknesses of the ice shelf; on the submarine topography, submarine geology, and tides beneath the shelf; and on the physical and chemical characteristics of the ice itself. Thus although the project may not be as dramatic as the successful completion of an access hole to the previously unexplored waters beneath the ice shelf, the scientific accomplishments are, in my (admittedly prejudiced) view, at least as great, and as deserving of review in E0S.