Time: In full measure



Cosmochronology, geochronology, and the neutrino crisis were the component parts of a symposium at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge on April 13, 1978. The meeting was sponsored by the College of Engineering in conjunction with the departments of Geology and Physics, and its purpose was to examine current knowledge in the determination of time, from the cosmic scale to the microscopic. The College of Engineering, surely an unusual sponsor of a program of this type, was interested in the methods of establishing the age of geologic formations as part of solving the engineering problems of providing permanent containment of radioactive and other noxious, nonradioactive wastes and in determining the long-term stability of formations underlying dam sites or potential nuclearfueled steam-electric generating plants. One of the surprises of the meeting was that each speaker was unaware of any conceptual or observational discrepancies in any area other than his own.