NSF new geophysical and environmental program


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The National Science Foundation has formed a new program for applied research in all the geophysical sciences—earth, oceanographic, and atmospheric. This program is located in the Applied Research Division of the Directorate for Applied Science and Research Applications (ASRA). The objective of the Division of Applied Research is to provide an improved scientific understanding of a range of technical, social, economic, and policy problems and to increase the rate of technological innovation growing out of significant discoveries in various fields of science and engineering.

The program for Applied Geophysical and Environmental Sciences will support research to accelerate the rate of technological innovations based on advances in the atmospheric, oceanographic, and earth sciences. This includes, but is not limited to, new or unique methods of exploring for terrestrial or seabed resources as well as techniques for improving the extraction of resources and mineral processing. Ideas that investigators have for the applied research in the geophysical sciences may be discussed with the program manager prior to submittal or submitted as a proposal. Preliminary proposals are not accepted. Proposals should be in the format described in Guidelines for Preparation of Unsolicited Proposals—ASRA, NSF Publication 78–46. Copies of the guidelines may be obtained from the National Science Foundation, Washington, D.C. 20550.