Section business meetings


  • Luman Wilcox,

  • Timothy D. Steele,

  • Chris Mooers


A business meeting of the AGU Geodesy Section convened on December 7,1978, in San Francisco, California. Section President Bernard Chovitz opened the meeting with a summary of the major actions taken by the AGU Council during its session on December 3, 1978.

He then announced that a number of special sessions are planned by the Geodesy Section for the 1979 Spring Meeting. There will be a session on applications of satellite altimetry in coordination with the Oceanography Section. A session on advanced positioning systems will be planned in coordination with the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM). There will also be a session keyed to the general theme for the 1979 Spring Meeting: Retrospect of the Apollo Program. Suitable topics for this session include the gravity field of the moon, lunar laser ranging, and control nets on the moon. A poster session will be attempted for the first time by the AGU Geodesy Section at the Spring Meeting.