Ice studies: Visit to the Radio Physics Laboratory of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute in Leningrad



In June 1977 I spent nearly a month in discussions on the application of electromagnetic methods to the study of ice with V. V. Bogorodskii and his associates at the Radio Physics Laboratory (RPL) of the Soviet Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute. This exchange was a clear instance of Soviet/American exchange in which the preponderance of benefit was on the American side. Bogorodskii and his associates were very generous with their time and knowledge—over 90% of the discussions concerned their work, much of it not yet published. Many of the types of experiments that are currently being considered for present and future development of radio glaciological systems in the United States have already been carried out by the Soviet investigators with the production of some interesting and important results. Furthermore, there are related investigations of interest, such as direct measurement of ice motion by laser interferometry, microwave surveys of the Arctic Ocean, and sounding of permafrost and dry sand.