Seasonal sea ice zone workshop


  • David F. Paskausky


A workshop to discuss present and future research needs in the seasonal sea ice zone (SSIZ) was held at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California from February 26 to March 1,1979. The SSIZ is defined as the area delineated by the maximum and minimum contemporary extent of ice cover plus a region inward and outward from the ice boundary that is significantly influenced by the boundary. Owing to seasonal migration of the ice boundary, this geographically significant area encompasses large expanses of deep ocean as well as most of the polar shelves in both the Arctic and Antarctic.

The workshop consisted of seven panels (10 to 12 members each). The schemata was presentation of review papers on the first day followed by three days of panel and interdisciplinary sessions.The steering committee will publish a proceedings which will include the review papers, panel reports, and an extensive summary of future needs by the committee.