It seems to me that there has been a serious decline in the proportion, and indeed the number, of papers published in JGR 2 (Red) that are related to volcanology, geochemistry, and petrology (VGP). Their place has been taken by more papers on seismology, geomagnetism, and particularly, tectonophysics. While many of these geophysics papers are of peripheral interest to AGU members of the VGP section, they don't satisfy the primary interests of these members.

For example, a survey of the issues covering September to January last shows 70 papers published, of which seven are of VGP interest; of these seven, three could be called VGP contributions, whereas the others are principally planetology or tectonophysics articles. Worse still, the September, October, and November issues contain no articles of primary interest to VGP readers, and the January issue has only one.