Map of California fault movements


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A new map showing hundreds of faults and the time of their last movement along coastal south central California between Point Arguello and Monterey Bay has been released by the U.S. Geological Survey. Compiled from more than 130 published and unpublished reports as well as new onshore and offshore field studies, the map and accompanying report are designed to be a ‘broadbrush’ regional identification and delineation of the faults that are capable of generating earthquakes and rupturing the ground.

According to Earl Pampeyan, geologist at the USGS Western Region Headquarters, Menlo Park, California, and a coauthor of the report, Seismic shaking and surface faulting can severely damage engineered structures unless adequate precautions are taken in siting and design. Such precautions must be based on adequate geologic information, including the identification and delineation of those faults that are most likely to produce future movement.