Symposium on satellite Doppler positioning



The Second International Geodetic Symposium on Satellite Doppler Positioning was held in Austin, Texas, from January 22 to January 26,1979. The symposium was sponsored by the Defense Mapping Agency and the National Ocean Survey, hosted by the Applied Research Laboratories of the University of Texas at Austin, and sanctioned by the International Association of Geodesy, the American Geophysical Union, and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping. The symposium was attended by 282 scientists from 32 countries, representing a broad spectrum of users of Doppler satellite positioning techniques.

A major accomplishment of the symposium was the interaction between the many users, from those positioning oil platforms to those determining plate tectonic motion. Discussions centered on hardware and software refinements and accuracies, both theoretical and demonstrated, of the results from use of the Navy Navigation Satellite System. On the fifth day, the papers dealt with the Global Positioning System and its capability to meet geodetic requirements of the future.