The Maurice Ewing medal


  • Taro Takahashi,

  • Wallace Broecker


The fourth presentation of the Maurice Ewing Medal by the American Geophysical Union and the U.S. Navy goes to Wallace S. Broecker for his leadership and scientific contributions in marine geochemistry.

Tonight we are honoring Wallace Smith Broecker with the Maurice Ewing Medal for his exceptional leadership and creative scientific contributions in the field of marine geochemistry. Wally is one of the most productive, creative, and dynamic marine geochemists of our time, and he has made fundamental contributions to a broad spectrum of the earth sciences, including the chemistry and history of the oceans and ocean sediments, the circulation of ocean water, air-sea gas exchange, climatology, and quaternary geology. His work is epitomized by his ability to seek out the critical questions and design simple experiments at sea or in the laboratory to solve them. Furthermore, in recent years he has organized and physically and intellectually led several large oceanographic projects to success and thus has demonstrated a truly exceptional leadership in the U.S. oceanographic community.