NRC committee on geodesy


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The Committee on Geodesy NRC/NAS, under the chairmanship of Ivan Mueller, Ohio State University, having completed a report, entitled ‘Geodesy: Trends and Prospects,’ that considers the many current applications of geodetic data and techniques, has undertaken a number of detailed studies in specific areas by panels of specialists. These include a panel on Crustal Movement Measurements, under the chairmanship of Adam Dziewonski, Harvard University; a panel on the Gravity Field and Sea Level, under the chairmanship of John C. Harrison, CIRES, University of Colorado; a panel on a Multipurpose National Cadastre, under the chairmanship of George E. Jones, Chevron U.S.A. Inc.; a panel on the Global Positioning System, under the chairmanship of Daniel B. DeBra, Stanford University; a panel to review the geodetic research and development programs of the National Ocean Survey, under the chairmanship of William M. Kaula, University of California, Los Angeles; and a panel to review the I973 Federal Mapping Task Force Report on Mapping, Charting, Geodesy, and Surveying, under the chairmanship of Charles A. Whitten, NOAA, retired. A panel on the Economic Benefits of Geodesy is being formed.