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  • Chris Mooers


The AGU Oceanography Section held a business meeting on May 30,1979, with James J . O'Brien (president-elect) presiding. About 10 members attended. O'Brien reported that the oceanography section was 19 AGU Fellows below ‘quota’ in comparison to the average for AGU. Clearly, there is an opportunity for the oceanography section to take more initiative in this aspect of the AGU Honors Program. The president-elect is considering forming a special Oceanography Fellows Committee to aid in the nomination of fellows.

Thanks to the efforts of Dana Kester, Spring Program Chairman, and the cooperation of the AGU Meetings staff, the oceanography section had improved room allocations for the Spring Meeting. Overall, the program ran rather well; this was especially true for those topical sessions in which there was an active chairman/convenor. Also, the poster sessions were very well received, both by the presenters and viewers. This reflects the growing experience in preparing and viewing posters and the satisfactory space-time assignments for posters. Considerable interest was expressed in more posters and fewer talks, later start and earlier stops times, and avoidance of sessions on Monday mornings and Friday evenings. A thorny problem was that of numerous conflicts in oceanography section sessions with those of the meteorology, geochemistry, and geodesy sections, and perhaps others. Chris Mooers (physicist) helped Dana Kester (chemist) this spring, but the need for a geologist was felt. There will be a continued attempt to have a physicist, chemist, and geologist help assemble meeting programs. It has been suggested that a ‘Guide to the AGU Meeting for Oceanographers’ be prepared which would describe the scheduling of sessions for physical, chemical, and geological oceanography. This guide could also clarify deadlines and procedures for arranging special sessions. The section secretary will work on this and will solicit assistance from the program chairmen.